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What if you could prepare your print jobs quicker and more easily?
What if you could reduce the time required to set up even your most cumbersome jobs?

FreeFlow Express to Print is a cost-effective workflow solution that increases your productivity by addressing common symptoms that cause prepress bottlenecks. With its intuitive visual interface, you can perform job ticketing and prepress functions with a simple click of the mouse.
Impose and finish applications such as business cards, brochures, books, and manuals consistently and more efficiently - so you can keep your production pipeline filled. It's so easy to use, even novice users quickly become experts. If you want to enhance your productivity and profitability, why would you print without it?



Directly convert TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PostScript®, EPS, RDO, and Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher*1) files to true Adobe® PDFs, just by opening them up in FreeFlow Express to Print. You can also convert files from any application into true Adobe® PDFs and automatically bring them into FreeFlow Express to Print.*2 Automatically combine multiple files into one and perform tasks such as adding custom tabs, page inserts, covers, bar coding, page numbering, watermarks, and Bates stamping with drag-and-drop simplicity. This tool is not only fast, it's smart - select your FUJIFILM Business Innovation printer and FreeFlow Express to Print displays only the ticketing options available for that printer.
     *1: Requires optional Microsoft Office software.
     *2: Requires optional Adobe® Acrobat® software.



An intuitive and highly visual interface lets you view and prepare jobs at the desktop, ensuring their accuracy before you submit them to print. Point and click to preview every page as you prepare your jobs with tabs, covers, chapter starts, and more. Maintain print quality and consistency for repeat jobs. View your job in page view, printer spreads, or reader spreads. Thanks to its logical, intuitive operations, FreeFlow Express to Print is ideal for walk-up jobs and less-skilled operators. It reduces training time, number of software applications, and steps required to perform simple prepress activities.



Take the guesswork and manual labor out of job preparation with over 50 predefined templates. The templates automate frequently repeated jobs, time-consuming setups, and routine prepress tasks such as imposition and finishing options. You'll be able to see a soft proof prior to submitting your job to print, so you can produce books, manuals, newsletters, postcards, posters, and more with greater ease and accuracy. There are even specialised templates for Pre-K-12 and Legal applications designed to work with key FUJIFILM Business Innovation digital print engines. You can also create and distribute your own customised templates, so jobs can be prepared quickly and consistently according to your needs.



FreeFlow Express to Print templates build speed and consistency into your workflow, helping you overcome the challenges that result when your operators have varied skill sets, high turnover rates, or dispersed locations. They range from universally common jobs to those frequently used in specific industries. Templates created for the Pre-K-12 and Legal industries, for example, include the following:

Timesaving templates.



You can install FreeFlow Express to Print on your Windows computer yourself - there's no complicated programming. And because it doesn't reside on a server, it doesn't tie up resources needed to process and RIP your jobs. Created to work exclusively with your FUJIFILM Business Innovation digital print engines, FreeFlow Express to Print will boost your colour and monochrome workflow productivity.



Use FreeFlow Express to Print's built-in templates to streamline a repeated job like business cards. Or create your own customised templates for other labor-intensive applications. Build a book with tabs, covers, insertions, and binding - all through FreeFlow Express to Print's easy-to-use visual interface. Whatever jobs you print today, or want to print tomorrow, you'll see how FreeFlow Express to Print makes your workflow smoother and faster.

Discover how you can move more jobs through your shop so you can be more productive every day. For a free demo, contact your FUJIFILM Business Innovation representative.

The quick and easy-to-use prepress tool.

[A] Active Jobs.
Open native file formats and automatically convert to PDF; join multiple files into one.

[B] Automation Templates.
Select from 50 built-in templates (multi-up, signature books, etc.) that automatically apply imposition and finishing options to your job.

[C] Destination Printer.
Connect to your FUJIFILM Business Innovation digital printers, then choose which one you want to print to.

[D] Interactive Visual Interface.
Dynamically preview your jobs as you build them.

[E] Preparation Icons.
Using easily identifiable icons, click to add covers, stocks, tabs, inserts, watermarks, and page numbers - your job will automatically update in the visual interface.

[F] Tab Customisation.
Create labeled tabs quickly and easily with formatting and style features that automatically embed information into the job ticket.

[G] Job Ticketing Selection.
Select printing and finishing parameters or add special job notes/banner messages.

[H] Preview Options.
Select to preview by page, printer spreads, or reader spreads.

[I] Print.
Choose to print, save at printer, or print to file.

Fewer touches. Greater productivity. The FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection can help you automate to save time and reduce costs for every job - from point of entry to final delivery. Whether you use one of these products or integrate several to meet your specific workflow needs, FreeFlow solutions help you connect with your customers, reduce costs, and enable new applications.

Jobs can also be prepared with our document preparation software, which allows you to view and prepare jobs for printing - FreeFlow Express to Print uses templates for ease and simplicity while FreeFlow Makeready puts advanced capabilities at your fingertips.

Finally, the FreeFlow Print Server RIPs the jobs, providing timesaving efficiency, excellent image quality, and benchmark security.

Looking to gain a competitive edge? Use the FreeFlow Variable Information Suite to add personalisation and cost-effective security features to your documents, while optimising throughput speed and efficiency.

The bottom line? Whether you use one of these products or integrate several to meet your specific workflow needs, you can connect with your customers, reduce costs, and enable new applications.



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