ApeosWare My Document Portal PRO

ApeosWare My Document Portal PRO


ApeosWare My Document Portal v5 PRO (AMDP v5 PRO) is a flagship manageability solution that uniquely combines print management and sustainability analysis. It offers a brand-new print experience with extensive capabilities, including C-level dashboard, print management, device management, scan management, quota management and usage reporting. Our solution allows users to manage document and printing by our device management and help users creating a real smart office.


Ultimate User Experience

Designed to enhance user experience, AMDP v5 PRO allows general users to submit, manage and even log in to the Smart Devices through their smartphones. The system administrator can manage AMDP v5 PRO and the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Smart Devices in one single platform with various alert settings. The management can monitor the printing costs at real-time, trend analysis and year-on-year analysis with a few clicks.


Smart Analytics

With Smart Analytics, a dashboard for C-level, AMDP v5 PRO can instantly show the paper usage and analysis with nice charts. It allows the administrator to further review individual usage record whenever over-usage is found.


Print Management

Follow-You Print

Users may collect the print jobs at any Smart Device available or closest to them, minimizing the risk of information leakage. Therefore, the number and layout of devices can be redesigned to maximize the use of office space and Smart Device.

In order to fully utilize the Smart Devices, AMDP v5 PRO supports rule-based printing that can forward all bulk printing jobs to a high volume Smart Device to shorten the uptime and minimize the risk of overload.

Mobile Print

AMDP v5 PRO allows users to submit print jobs through mobile devices without installing any special mobile apps. It supports iOS, Android system, Air Print (iOS) and Google Cloud Print (Android).

Furthermore, guests can also submit their print jobs through AMDP Web portal or email. AMDP v5 PRO will automatically create a guest account for the guest.

Print Client

If the computer is provided for public use, AMDP v5 PRO Print Client allows users to log in to AMDP v5 PRO for printing with optional project code recording. It also provides the administrator with an accurate usage report even on a public computer.


Device Management

AMDP v5 PRO is able to connect several Smart Devices for monitoring and control. It will alert individual users by email if the Smart Device has reached the maximum level of consumables and paper tray loading. The alert level can be set individually, so that each department can handle the issue independently.

AMDP v5 PRO can also limit the use of a specific Smart Device according to the user permission setting, facilitating security management by the administrator. For example, HR staff can only use the Smart Device located in the HR department in order to minimize the risk of information leakage.


Quota Management

The administrator can manage the usage by setting the quotas of individual groups or users. While the quota control can specify the number of pages for color copy, the quotas can be reset monthly and users may expand their quotas on the web portal by using the coupon code generated from AMDP v5 PRO, enhancing the flexibility in quota management.

Besides, AMDP v5 PRO is integrated with Octopus Card Solutions and quota management, offering the administrator the highest degree of flexibility in managing both internal and public users.


Scan Management

AMDP v5 PRO features a centrally managed address book (Email, Share Folder, FTP and Fax) and the administrator can set up the public address book for all users by synchronizing with AD or uploading an excel file, allowing users to access the address book from all Smart Devices.

Meanwhile, users can set up their personal address book for personal use, and manage the same on the AMDP v5 PRO Web Portal or through the Smart Device’s panel.

Users can also scan a document once and send it to multiple destinations with the help of AMDP v5 PRO. They can even pre-set or change the destinations on the fly.

AMDP v5 PRO can be integrated with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Smart Connect, an enterprise capturing solution, in order to meet the different needs in the scanning and data capturing process, such as image enhancement, OCR, barcode recognition and data verification.



AMDP v5 PRO offers a comprehensive range of reports, including standard reports that cover the usage by individual device, department, user or project code level. The reports generated as scheduled will be distributed automatically to the administrator by email. 


Today, centralization management is the first priority for all organizations

With AMDP v5 PRO, you can

  • Minimize the printing wastage by Follow-You function
  • Provide better services for users to print the documents
  • Receive email alerts to minimize the multifunction devices downtime  
  • Perform centralized control of the multifunction devices
  • Generate reports at ease to analyze usages by different points of view

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