Integrated Recycling System

Integrated Recycling System
Efforts on Product Recycling

Care for the environment has always been an integral part of FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s business philosophy and our commitment to minimising our environment footprint is inculcated across all levels of the organisation.

Offering products and services, including green office solutions and green strategies that help reduce environmental impact has been one of FUJIFILM Business Innovation key strategic goals for more than two decades. This is achieved through innovative design and technologies, and a life cycle process that fully embeds the use of lighter and less toxic materials, more energy-efficient production sites, transportation channels that emit less CO2 emissions (per unit produced) and an Integrated Recycling System (IRS).

We established an “integrated recycling system” out of recognition that the efforts to reduce the environmental loads of our used products are one of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a manufacturer. This system aims at reduction of environmental loads of products throughout their life cycle based on the conception that used products are valuable resources, not waste. On the basis of a “closed loop system” in which products released to the market are collected and parts sorted out of them are circulated in a closed circle under strict quality assurance, we have extended the sphere of our activities to the “inverse manufacturing” aiming at products with less environmental loads by reusing parts, and “zero emission” aiming at full utilisation of products by selecting out parts which cannot be reused and using them as resources.

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Fuji Xerox Integrated Recycling System

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